Type A differential relays for motor load break

RESYS M40 earth leakage relays associated with a remote trip breaking device (automatic power breaking), provide the following functions:
- protection against indirect contact,
- limitation of leakage currents.
They also preventively monitor electrical installations via their (configurable) pre-alarm function or when used as signalling relays.


Fully configurable

• 2 relays with configurable function (alarm or pre-alarm at 50% I∆n)
• Adjustment of I∆n from 0.03 to 30 A.
• Time delay 0 to 10 s.
• Positive or negative security configurable by the user.
• Selection of toroid ratio.

Tripping accuracy by TRMS measurement

Improves immunity to nuisance tripping.

Instantaneous display of permanent leakage currents

The LED bargraph provides a real-time display of fluctuations in leakage currents.

Compact modular design

44 mm in width, the unit allows easy integration into dedicated enclosures. The adjustment buttons are protected by a sealable cover, while the display of available alarms is displayed directly on the front face of the device.

Improved immunity to EMC interferences

The device has new electronics which improve electromagnetic compatibility.