Medical IT cabinet solutions

The availability of a reliable electrical power supply is vital to ensure the continuity of care.

Our solutions for medical locations guarantee:
• The continuity of the power supply within medical locations
• Patient safety with specific power distribution (hospital isolated power system).
With this equipment we can meet the requirements of IEC 60364-7-710, NFC 15-211 and Harmonisation Document HD 60364-7-710.


"Medical IT" cabinets guarantee a high-level of availability and high-quality electrical distribution in operating rooms.

They provide the following benefits:
• the continuity and availability of the power supply for critical rooms class 0 (or level 1, no cut-off tolerated),
• detection of insulation faults,
• scalability through the implementation of additional outgoing circuits,
• easy to maintain.


Power availability

• Operation continuity even in case of 1st fault.
• Insulation fault identification in less than 10s even in presence of highly disturbed receivers.
• Power availability is guaranted by Static Transfer Switch and/or Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Easy implementation

• The enclosure has a hinged covers door allowing quick access to functional devices.
• Visual identification of the differents compartments.

Complete range

• Four versions and eight configurations.
• Adaptation of the solution in function of operating constraints and architectural typology of medical location group 2.
• Insulation fault location and surge protection are available for all configurations.

Guaranted Safety

• Safety of people against indirect contacts (IT scheme, insulation) and against directs contacts (IP21, segregation).
• Integration of all indication contacts of devices to provide informations to a BMS.

Easy maintenance

• All the terminals are located in dedicated compartment.
• Some critical components (transformers, uninterruptible power supply, static transfer switch) can be taken out.

Technological performance

• Predictive maintenance for your entire IT unearthed system (OhmScanner technology included in ISOM Digiware).