capteurs TR /iTR

TR / iTR sensors

Split-core AC current sensors used with DIRIS Digiware, DIRIS A-40 and DIRIS B

The split-core current sensors in the TR and iTR ranges enable the current of an electrical installation to be measured. Used with power monitoring device DIRIS Digiware, DIRIS A-40, DIRIS B, they make it possible to perform measurements between 25 and 600 A,with guaranteed accuracy. The RJ12 connection provides quick connections, and the integrated intelligence prevents any configuration errors.
The sensors in the iTR range revolutionise the world of measurement and provide access to VirtualMonitor status monitoring technologies and to AutoCorrect automatic configuration.

Advantages of the TR and iTR ranges

Smart sensors

• Sensors with an extended operational range.
• Automatic detection of rating.
• Secured disconnection of load.
• Quick connection via RJ12 and identification of cable by colour code.


• Measurement precision guaranteed in acc. with standard IEC 61557-12 : class 0.5 (iTR) or 1 (TR) for the global measuring chain from 2 to 120% of In.

Unique advantages of the iTR range

VirtualMonitor technology

VirtualMonitor technology makes it possible to monitor the status of protective devices:
• Throughout your electrical installation.
• Remotely and in real-time.
• Without additional hardware or wiring.

AutoCorrect technology

AutoCorrect technology guarantees that your measurement system will function properly through:
• Automatic installation verification (by checking phase sequencing and automatic configuration of the direction of current).
• Correction of errors.