Current sensors

TE sensors

Solid current sensors used with DIRIS Digiware and DIRIS B-30

TE smart current sensors measure the load currents of an electrical system and send the data to meters and measurement hubs via an RJ12 plug-and-play output. Thanks to a wide measurement range, TE current sensors cover the full current range of 5 to 2000 A, with 7 references. TE solid current sensors can be connected to DIRIS Digiware and DIRIS B-30 via a rapid RJ12 connection.
Numerous accessories are available to aid the installation of sensors in any type of cabinet.


Plug & Play

• A rapid RJ12 connection makes wiring easy and reliable and prevents wiring errors. This also allows automatic detection of the sensor type and size/transformation ratio.
• The sensors can be installed in both directions.

Accuracy as per standard IEC 61557-12

• Class 0.5 for the global measuring chain (measurement hub + TE current sensors) from 2 to 120% of the nominal current In.


• The TE solid sensor range is specially designed for new installations, and has the same pitch as the most common protective devices.