capteurs DC

DC current sensors

Associated with DIRIS Digiware DC

The DC current sensors measure the DC load currents of an electrical installation and transmit information to the DIRIS Digiware Idc measurement modules via an RJ12 to Molex cable on the sensor side.
The range comprises solid-core and split-core sensors ranging from 50 to 5000 A in various sizes allowing them to be used in new or existing electrical installations.
Up to 3 different DC sensors can be connected to the same DIRIS Digiware Idc module.


Plug & Play

• A quick RJ12 connection makes wiring easy and reliable.
• Fast configuration of the sensor's rating.


• A complete range of solid-core and splitcore sensors from 50 to 5000 A designed for new or existing electrical installations.


• Easy to install.
• Ideal for installations with limited space available.
• Only 4 different frame sizes cover a wide measurement range.
• Colour-coded cables for ease of identification, and to prevent wiring errors.