ATS Controller ATyS C65

ATyS C65

ATS Controller
Advanced functionalities

ATyS C65 is an advanced ATSE controller offering all the functions of the ATyS C55 with the addition of current, power & energy monitoring, increased I/O capacity and functions, load shedding, lift control function, energy backup, increased number of events and alarms (measurement and combination alarms) and DIRIS Digiware module compatibility.


Fast commissioning

On initial power up, the ATyS C65’s smart wizard will guide the operator through the commissioning process.

User customisable

Front face LEDs, Load shedding, Genset schedulers and the lift control signal are just a few of the many customisable features available on ATyS C65.

Intuitive operation

• The high-resolution LCD screen provides several dashboards enabling easy monitoring of all parameters, including power and energy consumption of the loads.
• The integrated energy backup provides transitional power to the product enabling status indication (switch position, timer status, fault notifications) and communication to remain active with no supply present.
• Quick and easy access to main functions through the front face with direct key input.
• Complete configuration can be achieved through the front face or via software (EasyConfig).

General characteristics

• Self-powered from sensing.
• Wide voltage range (88 - 576 VAC).
• 24 VDC aux power supply (for optional use).
• 2 latching relays.
• Digiware IO-10: I/O extension up to 30 inputs and 18 outputs.
• Power & Energy metering with /1 A or /5 A current transformers.
• Energy backup.
• IP65 degree of protection (panel gasket included).
• 3000 Alarms and Events.
• Multiple fully configurable timers, thresholds and I/O.
• Easyconfig configuration software.
• Shock resistant IK08+.
• Digiware compatible (replaces U module).
• Ethernet, SNMP, BACnet using DIRIS M-70 gateway. Includes Webserver.
• A DIRIS Digiware D-70 gateway can be used as a remote display for multiple ATyS C55/C65 controllers; the D-70 also provides Ethernet, SNMP & BACnet connectivity.