DATALOG H60 and H80 dataloggers associated with Socomec wireless interfaces enable you to create a smart energy data communication network in order to:
• Remotely and automatically read multi-fluid energy meters and multi-function meters, isolated or not.
• Pool, secure, store and provide the data to a computer application.
• Connect your meters and multi-function measurement units in a 2G/3G/GPRS network.


Easy to install

• Quick installation on DIN rail or door mounting.
• Compact.
• Remote configuration.
• Configuration services (SOCOMEC services).

Reliable collection and transmission

• Configurable collection frequency for each energy and multi-function meter.
• Secure, regular transmission (daily, weekly, etc.).
• Multiple communication protocols (Modbus RTU/TCP, Wireless M-Bus, HTTP(s), FTP(s)).
• Collection interfaces: Ethernet - RS232/485 or Wireless.
• Transmission interface: Ethernet or 2G/3G/GPRS.

Advanced functions

• Extended data storage capacity (1 year for index data and 2 months for load curves).
• Auto-detects meters and measuring equipment.
• Sends regular activity reports.
• Event alerts (communication errors, data quality, remote server connection).