Communication accessories

USB/RS485 interface

• If the PC is not equipped with a serial port, the USB / RS485 interface can be connected via a USB port to obtain an RS485 communication port.Recommended for local
use and not for permanent installation.

Modbus/Profinet communication gateway

The PROFINET communication gateway enables SOCOMEC communicating products in TCP modbus to be connected to a PROFINET network.

Advantages: Implementation, maintenance and diagnostic with a unique configuration software (, which is downloadable from SOCOMEC website.
• Several communication ports.
• IP20 DIN-rail mounting.
• Slot for MMC memory card.
• Configuration via USB port using a PC.
• Operation signalling Leds.
• Modbus data conversion up to 512 bytes data with Profinet (Modbus slave).

RS422 / RS485 repeater

In some applications the maximum distance and/or the maximum number of devices can be exceeded. One solution to this technical restriction is to install an interface which
amplifies the signal over a further 1200 m (at 9600 bauds) for 31 devices. In addition, it allows you to introduce a new branch to the network, thereby making it possible to reduce the length of connection cable required by avoiding back and forth cabling.