Manually operated Transfert Switching Equipment from 100 to 1200 A

SIRCOVER UL UL1008/98 are heavy duty manual transfer switches. They ensure switching transfer of sources or transfer of two low voltage circuits on load as well as their safety disconnection.
These switches are extremely durable and are tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications, such as resitive load or total system applications.


Stable positions

SIRCOVERs have three stable positions which are not affected by voltage drops or vibrations, thus protecting your load against network interference.

Compact design

The Sircover are based on a back-to-back switching technology, providing a compact solution.

On load switching

The SIRCOVER UL enables secure and reliable switching, without the need for pre-breaking upstream.


The SIRCOVER has double breaking per pole acheived through its sliding bar contacts system. The quick opening and rapid closure provides simultaneous disconnecting or making of all power contacts.