Li-ion Battery UPS for MODULYS GP

Li-Ion Battery UPS for MODULYS GP

Ensuring permanent power supply to electrical infrastructure for business continuity whilst reducing the Total Cost of Ownership is a main concern for data centres.
Li-Ion Battery UPS for MODULYS GP provides reliable back-up power availability in a reduced footprint, with extended life time and reduced maintenance.


Maximum availability

• Very fast UPS battery recharge.
• Ensured scalability for power upgrades or redundancy.
• Reduced maintenance of battery components.

Extreme reliability

• Optimum performance in all critical operating conditions.
• Interactive UPS battery control.
• Embedded cell-to-cell monitoring.
• Wide operating temperature range (0 °C to +40 °C).

Cost-effective solution

• High power density in a reduced footprint.
• 15+ years’ expected service life.
• Higher cycling capacity: 10 times more than VLRA Battery UPS.
• Fewer cooling requirements.

UPS interaction

The ultimate solution for fuller control over system availability.

The Socomec Li-Ion Battery UPS solution for MODULYS GP includes an interactive control system to check and manage all the Li-Ion cells’ parameters (i.e. temperature, voltage, current, charging status, etc.) and to dynamically adapt how the UPS operates depending on the status of the Li-Ion battery.

The UPS interaction guarantees the most reliable performance and improves the system’s availability by:
• Ensuring a proper control of the Li-Ion battery,
• Preventing any irreversible overcharge failure,
• Performing automatic corrective actions in case of any critical conditions that can affect battery performance.

  • Technical Data

    Li-Ion Battery UPS: footprint comparison vs. Lead-Acid batteries

    Li-Ion Battery UPS
    Examples of configurations(1)
    Li-Ion Battery UPS VRLA Battery
    stock_086_a.png stock_089_a.png stock_092_a.png
    Power: 200 kW
    Back-up time: 13 min
    Footprint: 0.95 m2 Footprint: 1.96 m2
    stock_087_a.png stock_090_a.png stock_093_a.png
    Power: 400 kW
    Back-up time: 7 min
    Footprint: 2.69 m2 Footprint: 4.32 m2
    stock_088_a.png stock_091_a.png stock_094_a.png
    Power: 600 kW
    Back-up time: 8 min
    Footprint: 7.87 m2 Footprint: 13.93 m2


    (1) Other configurations: please contact us.


  • Flexible and modular back-up times