Battery cabinets

Total protection during downtime

• Designed to satisfy and respect safety protection standards (EN 50272-2 and EN 62040-1).
• The right size of protection device tailored to your power rating.
• Robust cabinet.
• Normal and long-life batteries.
• Compatible with different battery brands.
• Chemical safety means shelves protected against corrosion of H2SO4 that can cause risks of electric shock and short circuit (fire).
• Designed according to the specific UPS model for easy connections, correct recharge current and appropriate discharge rating to optimize battery life.
• Modular hot-swap battery cabinets with string protection and individual string disconnection.

Easy installation and maintenance

• Frontal switch/breaker protection.
• Frontal input output connections.
• Easy battery replacement.
• Suitable for rigid cables and cable-glands.
• Suitable for tripping coil contact (on request).
• Height aligned with UPS.

Electrical protection coordination for your safety

Battery protection is essential for safety.
We perform tests in our laboratories under abnormal conditions (i.e. short-circuit) to guarantee the maximum safety for the installation.
As batteries can cause fire if the protection is not adequate, we test all battery protections in real operating conditions.
• Switch/Breaker with fuse
• Magnetothermal MCCB

  • Technical Data


    Standard degree of protection  IP20 (according to IEC 60529)
    Optional degree of protection  IP32(1)
    Operating temperature  0÷40 °C (+15 ÷ +25 °C recommended for long battery life(1))
    Ambient storage and transport temperature  -5 °C ÷ +40 °C max (reccomended: 25 °C)
    Relative humidity (condensation-free)  up to 95%
    Conforms to standards  EN 50272-2, EN 62040-1
    Product declaration  CE

    (1) Versions with a higher degree of protection and versions with a wider operating temperature range are available on request.
    Please contact SOCOMEC for specific battery brands and custom solutions.


  • Dimensions