AU11 panels

Auxiliary units

AU11 panel, the latest evolution of the AU95, is an AC and DC current distribution panel (control and telecommunications) for HV substations. Allowing:
• The continuity of LV power of the station's auxiliary equipment by automatic switching between 2 different sources and a genset ("AST1", "AST2", "G").
• The distribution and protection of AC and DC equipment power supply.
It is composed of:
• 2 switchover chassis guaranteeing the safety of the power supply: Main input "A" and backup input "D"
• 1 or more AC outputs chassis
• 1 or more DC outputs chassis


Manufacturer warranty

This panel meets RTE specification and is certified by the CNER (RTE). As original manufacturer, design, production and tests are IEC 61439 compliant.

Improved safety

This panel has an IP2X protection rating and its design makes it easier to lockout switching devices.
The ATYS, SOCOMEC Automatic Transfer Switch, is padlockable in position “1” with three padlocks.

Optimised use

Switching is ensured with ATyS automatic transfer switches (see the SOCOMEC general catalogue).
Manual operation is possible in case of emergency.
MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) is reduced thanks to easily removable motor and control parts.

Easy installation

This very compact and modular solution can be configured to suit to any setup.
• The IP20 distribution blocks (see the SOCOMEC general catalogue) make it easy to replace or add circuit breakers while keeping the chassis operational.
• Supplied kits enable easily chassis juxtaposition and addition.
• Copper clips and a cable anchoring system simplifies cabling.

Flexible configuration

With these scalable solutions, Socomec can adapt the solution to best suit your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.