Projects completed around the world with our solutions

Solutions for main lines

  • Rail networks, high-speed trains (HST), regional train networks, train stations
    Belgium, Denmark, France, India, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, UK, Russia

Solutions for urban transport networks

  • Tramways
    Large French cities (Strasbourg, Nantes), Algiers, Bergamo, Constantine, Rabat.
  • Metro / Underground
    Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bucharest, Cairo, Hyderabad, London, Manchester, Moscow, Naples, Paris, Porto, Rome, Santiago, Shanghai, Shenyang, Suzhou.

Solutions for buildings

  • Spain
    Barcelona’s city transport datacentre.
  • France
    Power supplies for safety lighting and fire safety systems on regional Paris train network.
  • UK
    Power supplies for emergency lighting and communication systems for Kings Cross Station (London).