SOCOMEC is an expert manufacturer and solutions provider whatever your requirements and whatever the field: transport operators, network operators or specialists in electrical distribution.



Assuring the "right" supply of energy

  • Maximum energy availability.
  • Reductions in downtime and minimising maintenance work.

Assuring the safety of installations and operative personnel

  • Provision of solutions covered by manufacturer warranty that are certified, approved, tried and tested… and durable.
  • Development of EDF-approved solutions.

Adjusting investments for optimum profitability

  • Response to needs for customised designs.
  • An expert offer of scalable and modular solutions.

Assuring efficient maintenance and verification operations to save time

  • Rapid installation and maintenance operations.
  • Ergonomic solutions to help reduce operator errors.
  • Design and certification of the solution.

Optimising investments in the network and maximising the integration of renewable energies

  • Improved LV grid monitoring for less cost.
  • Adaptation of the choice of communication technologies depending on local constraints.
  • Provision of tried-and-tested energy storage solutions connected to the grid.


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