Saving energy, and even more !

The main benefit of power factor correction is, of course, the reduction in your electrical usage costs.
But the new generation of systems, driven by Socomec's expertise, enables you to meet other key objectives…

Making significant energy savings

Do you want to reduce your energy bill ?
Do you want to avoid the extra costs associated with your consumption of reactive energy ??
Power factor correction meets these requirements.
Reducing the consumption of reactive energy means quick and long-lasting reductions in electrical energy tariffs.
It is becoming increasingly urgent to act protecting the environment is everyone’s business today ! The regulations concerning the power factor could become tougher !

Preserving the service life of your equipment

When accompanied by harmonic filtering, power factor correction contributes to improving the quality of the energy available on your network.
This is great for your sensitive equipment and for the overall output of your installation.

Maximising output

COSYS PFC power correction systems allow your network to consume less energy whilst maintaining the same useful power.
Reduced demand means less maintenance.

Help improve the future of our environment through energy efficiency:

Invest in the COSYS PFC power factor correction system.




Advantages of the system

picto_287_a_50-50.jpg Increased reliability

picto_325_a.jpg Intelligent regulation

picto_288_a_50-50.jpg Simplified maintenance

picto_399_a.png Optimised commissioning

picto_376_a.jpg Quadruple safety


  • Discover the COSYS PFC range


      The COSYS PFC range comprises capacitor banks and active filters:

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      Fixed compensation Automatic compensation

      Automatic dynamic compensation

      Power factor correction

      Power factor correction & Harmonic network depollution

      Dual action/ Correction but also neutralisation: the COSYS PFC system ensures two essential functions for an effective electrical network.
      You can cancel your reactive energy bill, have quality energy available and extend the service life of your equipment.
      Discover our range of capacitor banks to control your power factor!


  • Choose your system

    • Together we can reduce your reactive energy consumption

      Appropriate dimensioning is essential in order to meet the desired efficiency. SOCOMEC will help you to make the right choices and therefore to benefit from a long-term solution.

      Three options allow you to choose the right COSYS PFC capacitor bank system:






      Have you already taken all the necessary measures
      Using these data, we can give you the most adapted COSYS PFC solutions.




      Need expert advice:
      We will give you measuring equipment then use the data collected to offer you a battery and filters which meet your requirements.






      You want guarantees:
      Our ‘Services and Technical Assistance’ teams will perform the analysis and measurement. We will therefore ensure we select the COSYS PFC solution most suited to your installation.