Power switching: your fast-track to success with independent testing


Testing is perhaps the most critical component of the entire scientific process. Whether you are focused on bolstering experience, reducing cost or introducing greater flexibility, identifying the right laboratory partner can help maintain standards of excellence whilst removing perceived bias.


Independent laboratories thrive on the provision of timely, accurate answers to a variety of questions – within the context of an evolving and complex world. Whilst there is undoubtedly a degree of due diligence required to make the right selection, an independent testing facility can open up choices, broaden scope and lift the limits on the information that you are able to generate – enabling you to solve unforeseen problems before they arise and ultimately broadening the capabilities with your own organisation.


Specialists in low voltage switchgears, components and switchgear assemblies


The accredited Tesla Lab provides a “fast-track” through lengthy and unwieldy certification processes by relieving the customer of the administrative burden of managing and monitoring that process. Practical solutions tailored to specific needs mean that customers can track the results of their tests in real time. Furthermore, the lab offers more than a “pass” or “fail” result. By delivering a more detailed diagnosis to support the improvement of technical design, the fine tuning of critical parts and ultimately the delivery of innovative solutions, Tesla Lab helps design engineers to achieve the very best results from a particular product or system.