Tomorrow’s measurement devices are here today

In 2014 Socomec revolutionised the world of measurement devices when it released its DIRIS Digiware solution, the first measurement system that offered unbeatable flexibility and ease of installation, combined with simple connection and configuration.

Today, Socomec continues to design, develop, test, and produce innovative energy efficiency solutions. Thanks to our breakthrough technologies, we are once again placing quality at the heart of innovation to ensure you save time and provide you with worry-free efficiency.


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Groundbreaking technologies

Experience the future of measurement with new technologies developed and integrated into Socomec’s energy efficiency products.



Create your box

Build your own DIRIS Digiware system in a few clicks using the online Meter Selector configuration tool.






Solutions creator & designer

Discover Socomec’s electronic test laboratory. We provide unique expertise in the field of electrical measurement, covering all aspects from sensors to software.

Solutions manufacturer

Discover the new DIRIS and DIRIS Digiware production line: efficient, precise, automated.



PreciSense, VirtualMonitor and AutoCorrect technologies are integrated in our energy efficiency product ranges


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DIRIS Digiware AC range

DIRIS A range

Software solutions