Power module as a spare

Spare power module for Modulys XL modular UPS system




A spare power module available 24/7 on site

To maintain the level of availability of the installation in any circumstances

The addition of the Power module as a spare option to the maintenance contract of MODULYS XL will always allow to maintain the level of availability of the installation. A spare power module will be to hand next to the MODULYS XL so that the module can be swapped in case of failure in less than 5 minutes. The module can also be used during the preventive maintenance visit - to be inserted instead of the maintained module and therefore ensure the same level of availability.



Standard maintenance contract for the system



Power module as a spare

Available and maintained on customer site


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Continuous availability

  • The spare module and spare slot are available 24/7 on the customer site.
  • The spare power module can be swapped in online mode in less than 5 minutes.


  • The power module can be quickly swaped by the customer: no cabling, no laptop of software. The alignement of the firmware is automatic.
  • The spare power module is « ready to use » , always-on, tested and protected.

Price all inclusive

The price includes:

  • a maintenance slot and a spare power module rental,
  • training to enable the customer to change the module by himself and avoid any problems,
  • the maintenance of the spare module (spare parts and consumables).




Socomec experts 24 / 7 UPS remote monitoring

Socomec Service Center continuously monitor by remote over 150 operating UPS parameters. This means that preventive actions can be prescribed by a Service Engineer in order to anticipate the occurrence of anomalies and, in case, quickly trigger the proper remedial action.