Electrical solutions for OEMs


The key to reliability? Robustness at every level


Whether you manufacture generators or HVAC systems, your objective is the same – to provide your customers with fully integrated and completely reliable solutions.

Robust expertise

Our business is the creation of low voltage electrical networks with guaranteed availability, control and safety – we ensure that our customers’ power performance is resilient and can cope with unexpected events or challenging environmental conditions

Robust solutions

The solutions we manufacture have been tested and approved by the most stringent external certification bodies.

Robust advantages

Our expertise in low-voltage distribution delivers resilience to your customers.

Your customers demand the highest possible availability:

  • Your customers need to be able to rely on the equipment you provide…and expect to be up and running as fast as possible in unforeseen eventualities.
  • Our solutions are proven in the most challenging operating environments and applications around the world – maximising energy availability without compromising on safety.

Safety is the top priority:

  • Injuries to personnel and loss of equipment due to electrical events are simply not an option.
  • Our enclosed switches enable people to work safely whilst also protecting your assets. When integrated with your equipment, this peace of mind is extended to your customers.

Everyone wants to improve efficiency – and reduce costs:

  • To achieve optimum performance, your equipment needs a high-quality energy supply – and components that contribute to overall energy efficiency.
  • We have developed a range of solutions - including low voltage switching components, metering, measurement and protection systems - to guarantee power availability in critical applications, take control of energy consumption and identify energy drifts.


Zero accidents. Zero losses. Zero energy wastage. Discover solutions that make downtime a thing of the past.