New Partnership between Socomec and NUTANIX, specialist of cloud platform

SD-AGENT SW certified for NUTANIX cloud platform




The NUTANIX Cloud Platform comprises hybrid cloud infrastructure, multi-cloud management along with unified storage, database services, and desktop services, to support any application and workload, in any location.

It helps simplify cloud complexity with an open, software-defined hybrid multi-cloud platform, so that IT managers focus on business outcomes and new innovations.


The Socomec SD-Agent SW is now compliant with NUTANIX systems, along with the Net Vision network interface, to guarantee a complete system shutdown in case of power supply outage, avoiding loss of data and preventing problems in the recovery phase.

Via an ergonomic and user-friendly interface, the shutdown process can be configured according to the customers’ needs. (i.e. to set an ordered list of VM to shut down.)

The process includes cluster stop and all nodes shut off.

When the normal conditions are restored, the power supply is present and there are no more warning on the UPS, the SD-Agent restarts the whole cluster automatically.


Socomec SD-Agent SW is recognised officially as NUTANIX ‘Ready AHV Integrated’.