To support its international development and enhance its reputation in the field of electrical energy storage and beyond, Socomec has created the "e'car" program, which includes an energy storage truck combined with an electric car bearing the company's brand colors. A project that brings together four partners with complementary expertise areas. Ivan Steyert, CEO of Socomec Group, explains...


ivan-steyert.jpg"Innovation is at the heart of Socomec's DNA and one of the most important factors in our durability. We create products and services that meet the requirements of our customers to ensure successful energy transitions. Energy storage, through its ability to provide clean energy where it is still inaccessible, is one of these future challenges. Our expertise has enabled us to provide stationary energy storage solutions that have proven their worth in several European prototypes, but it has also enabled us to achieve a world first: to provide completely mobile energy storage solutions for the temporary supply of power to remote sites, sporting and cultural events, exhibitions, construction sites or emergency response sites... We have chosen to promote this technology via the E'car demo model, which comprises a mobile energy storage truck and an electric racing vehicle powered by this same vehicle. The project has been designed in partnership with Pegasus, IBS and E'nergys."







Pegasus : “Greener” motor racing


At forty years of age, Julien Schell, Managing Director of the Pegasus team, is an experienced professional racing driver with an impressive list of achievements. He explains the rationale behind this new collaboration with Socomec.


"Motor sports are committed to sustainable development and respect for the environment: reduction of CO2 emissions, lower fuel consumption, less noise pollution...Our "green" racing credentials already earned us the distinction of being named as a forward-looking team model at the 2010 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. We needed a major partner to go further together for a 100% electrical project. The proximity and sharing of the same family values as Socomec have contributed to this. An initial two-year program will allow us to better understand the endurance criteria related to electric vehicles: how to adapt a standard "road" model (the Tesla S), as well as various tests, trials and training. Depending on the results we get, we may be able to enter the competition from 2020 onward." Watch this space…







IBS: the battery for mobile systems

IBS (Ion Battery Systems) is a specialist in mobile energy storage systems and the battery partner of the project. Their CEO Éric Boudot tells us more.


"IBS designs, assembles and sells batteries and energy storage systems. We have a range of off-the-shelf and custom lithium batteries from 24 V to 400 V as well as a range of mobile storage products from 2.3 to 20 kWh for power ratings from 1.4 to 12 kVA. With Socomec's complementary offering, we will be able to extend up to 360 kWh and beyond and fully cover the use of clean mobile energy. We have many strengths and already good credentials in military applications, motor racing, emergency accommodation, remote sites, local authorities, the construction industry, and events. In this capacity, we hold a world fi rst concerning the power back-up for the VIP stand at the La Rochelle 2018 Boat Show. Our aim is to become a world leader in mobile energy storage."





E’NERGYS: IoT serving the racing experience

Éric Lonchampt, Director of Energys' Digital Division explains the Group's contribution to the e'car project.


"E'nergys has combined its skills around the development of an application for motor racing enthusiasts. Through a fun and immersive racing experience, the public will be able to see in real time the information usually reserved for the driver and the teams in the paddocks: lap times, maximum speed, battery condition/life... This application could be extended to all the vehicles in a race. The identification of the data to be collected has been done by sensors added to the dashboard. The communication and data recovery protocol has been conducted with a team of engineering students from Telecom Physique Strasbourg. ITS Future, our partner, developed the application layer based on the IoT Smartcore data platform, hosted in the private data centres of Agora, an E'nergys company."



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