UPS Masterys IP+ 80-160 KVA


Robust, highly reliable protection for harsh environments
Three/single phase UPS from 80 to 160 kVA

The solution for

• Industrial manufacturing
• Service industry
• Infrastructure
• Power plant


Designed for the most demanding applications

• Designed to protect industrial process
• Reliable solutions with transformer
• Robust enclosure (2 mm steel frame)
• Floor anchoring to prevent tilting
• IP31 and IP42 protection for harsh environments with easily replaceable dust filters
• Wide input voltage range, from -20% to +20% rated voltage

Easy to integrate to industrial networks

• Extremely high input power factor
• Compatible with open lead acid battery and valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA)
• User-friendly touch-screen color graphic display
• Flexible communication board to meet every industrial communication needs: dry contact, SNMP, MODBUS, PROFIBUS etc.
• Compatible with Gen-unit

Process continuity

• Front access to input/output cable maintenance, spare parts replacement and preventive maintenance
• DC cold start function