From an isolated site to the Dakar rally: All-terrain energy storage


©GCK Energy – e-Blast H2 vehicle for the Dakar Rally 2022


By participating in the Dakar Rally 2022 with the company GCK Motorsport founded by Guerlain Chicherit, former world champion in freeride skiing and racing driver, Socomec is testing its technologies in extreme conditions and promoting the transition to a zero-carbon Dakar.


Socomec has been developing energy storage solutions since 2009, drawing on its expertise in energy conversion acquired over more than 50 years in the field of inverters.


Our participation in European demonstrators Nice Grid from 2013 to 2016 and Nice smart Valley from 2017 to 2019, allowed us to perfect our technology and gain international recognition in energy storage and micro grid.


Our latest containerized Sunsys Mobile energy storage solution, equipped with lithium-ion batteries, has been designed to meet the temporary power supply needs of the most varied applications: isolated sites, sporting or cultural events, construction sites, interventions emergency.


To demonstrate the reliability and endurance of this solution in the most extreme conditions, Socomec has committed in 2021, in partnership with the company GCK, to an unprecedented experience: the Dakar Rally.


IN6_Dakar_Photo dakar 2021.png

©GCK Energy – Bivouac picture from the Dakar Rally 2021


Successful experience during the Dakar 2021, thanks to Socomec energy storage devices which made it possible to supply part of the needs of the Neom bivouac in Saudi Arabia with green energy.


The partnership between Socomec and GCK Motorsport continues for the Dakar 2022. On this occasion, GCK Motorsport, promoter of tomorrow's mobility technologies, presents a prototype racing vehicle equipped with a fuel cell and hydrogen tanks, the e-Blast H2 2024. This innovative vehicle is intended to compete in the next editions of the Dakar in order to contribute to the organizer's zero carbon objective (ASO) by 2024.


A veritable laboratory of innovation, the Dakar allows GCK and Socomec to test their equipment under the most critical conditions, for the benefit of the more conventional uses to which they are initially dedicated.


This type of challenge once again demonstrates Socomec's ability to innovate and offer appropriate responses to the major energy challenges of tomorrow.