Extended warranty



For energy storage system SUNSYS HES L


Warranty extensions are available to provide a total warranty of 5 to 10 years for your battery or the complete storage system, depending on your needs. It includes the corrective maintenance of your guaranteed items (parts included) as well as a follow-up of your requirements.



The advantages of Extended warranty


Full coverage

Benefit from an extended manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years, depending on your needs.

Controlled budget

You know the price of the warranty extension from the outset and, with just one payment, you can therefore avoid unforeseen costs.

Battery performance guarantee

The warranty extension includes a performance warranty on the battery. This is the warranty of a DC residual energy level depending on the battery use.

Speed of intervention

In the event of a breakdown, our experts provide you with a rapid response: within 1 day for initial telephone support and within 1 week for an on-site visit, if this is required.



How the Extended warranty works




What does the extended warranty cover?

  • Corrective maintenance of the complete system (repair or replacement of defective parts), including parts replaced, the labour on site as well as travel and accommodation costs*
  • Battery performance guarantee
  • Assistance from our team of experts in the event of a problem, with a response as soon as possible.

What conditions must be met in order to benefit from this cover?

For the warranty to be valid, a preventive maintenance contract must be drawn up. It is also mandatory to have a remote system connection allowing access to historical battery data.

A guarantee that’s adapted to your needs

In order to offer you greater flexibility with your guarantees, we offer various options:

  • 3-year warranty extension (total system warranty period 5 years)
  • 8-year warranty extension (total system warranty period 10 years)
  • Extended warranty applicable to the complete system
  • Extended warranty applicable to the batteries only


* Provided that the installation is in a country where a Socomec subsidiary is present and as specified in your commercial offer.


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