Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipement (WEEE) Directive

Why is recycling your products respecting the WEEE directive important?

Once they reach their end of life, electrical products become waste electrical and electronic equipment, or WEEE, that can have an impact on the environment, while having also a high recycling potential.
The WEEE 2012/19/EU directive makes manufacturers and other economic operators (importers, distributors, end users, etc.) responsible for the future of end-of-life equipment.
Most Member States have adopted the WEEE2 Directive requirements in their local law; however some differences may exist in the national transpositions and local interpretations.


Socomec WEEE charter

As part of its voluntary adherence to the United Nations Global Compact and its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, Socomec is dedicated to minimizing its impact on the environment, to preserve natural resources and promote circular economy.
The WEEE Directive is an opportunity for Socomec to ensure an end of life of electrical installations that complies with sustainable and environmental regulations.
That’s why the Socomec Group has defined a corporate charter to implement uniformly this directive and anticipate its future evolutions by:

  • Increasing the recyclability of its new products through eco-design, in particular by voluntarily complying with and anticipating European and international regulations on the limitation of dangerous substances, such as REACH and ROHS regulations,
  • Providing, on request, to its customers and treatment operators, information enabling an environmentally friendly end of life of electrical installations, by means of instructions listing the materials and identifying the components requiring specific treatment,
  • WEEE_symbol.png Marking its products, in accordance with the European standard like EN 50419, for a widespread selective collection of WEEE,
  • Identifying relevant collection and recycling channels in the main other European countries applying the WEEE directive where Socomec is concerned by the WEEE Directive and contribute to them through its commercial subsidiaries or local partners,
  • Inform its customers of the practical arrangements for access to recycling facilities and associated services recommended by Socomec, through contractual agreements or information for instance on the Socomec website


The WEEE Directive is an opportunity for Socomec to reaffirm its corporate social responsibility and to ensure its customers an end of life for their electrical installations that respects the environment and complies with regulations.