Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage is the key solution to meet the challenge of energy transition with renewable energy and energy cost reduction.

Socomec offers modular energy storage solutions including all the necessary control and protection devices for all types of applications.
The high levels of performance, availability and extended functionalities of our energy storage systems help to maximize the services and reduce the ROI.


• Reducing energy costs
• Maximizing self-consumption
• Providing back-up power
• Improving grid stability and control
• Deferring grid investment
• Electric vehicle charging infrastructures
• Supplying isolated microgrids
• Management of hybrid production sources
• Minimizing diesel consumption, by maximizing the use of renewable energy
• Control renewable energy production
• Managing the intermittence of renewable energy production
• Providing new flexibility services


Our references

succes-story-Nice-Grid.pngSocomec have provided its Energy Storage solutions on the following projects: