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Leveraging its strong historical expertise in both AC & DC Power Monitoring, Power Switching and Power Conversion, Socomec is investing since early 2010s in Energy Storage applications, participating to many experimentations with major utilities, battery manufacturers, energy management software editors and pioneers ESS system integrators.


Energy Storage applications

Schema Energy Storage applications




Turn on multiple energy storage services to reduce energy costs
and improve power availability
Provide a reliable power supply with multiple sources for disconnected microgrids
Optimize the injection of renewable energy into the electricity network
Ensure a continuous power supply for a connected microgrids
Boost your capacity for electric vehicle charging
Provide a temporary power in all circumstances and locations


Best-in-Class Components


Core AC & DC power monitoring, switching and conversion components, allowing to execute performant and safe ESS equipment: storage inverter, AC & DC protection cabinets, battery cabinets


Power Conversion

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Power Switching

> Discover Load Break Switches


Power Monitoring

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SUNSYS STD, a modular energy storage architecture


Create your energy storage solution, based on standard equipment, for on-grid and off-grid applications
Multiple configurations from 33 to 400 kVA and 92 to 730 kWh for building and container integration.


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Your customized solution


Our engineering know-how for your solution up to 1 MW / 2 MWh
Socomec has established a dedicated team to create energy storage custom solutions response for your unique requirements.


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Our partnerships for batteries

For Stationary energy storage solution

logo-catl.pngSOCOMEC chose CATL, the world's largest Li-ion battery manufacturer for electric vehicles and stationary battery energy storage systems, to design SUNSYS HES L, the safest all-in-one & multifunction native outdoor energy storage system.


For Mobile energy storage solutions

logo-ibs.pngSOCOMEC chose Ion Battery Systems (IBS), a French battery pack manufacturer that designs, develops and produces custom lithium batteries for mobile uses.





Our references

Case Studies

NICE GRID: general presentation of the demonstrator
NICE GRID: energy storage solutions for the massive integration of renewable energies and management of peak load times
NICE GRID: energy storage solutions for islanding and microgrids
STEM: energy storage solutions for cost reduction by peak shaving
ENERGON: energy storage solutions for electrical vehicle charging station
Mini Green: Energy storage system for hybrid microgrids (Multi-source power supply for an isolated site)
Nice Smart Valley: Energy storage solution - Discover how to operate in Islanding mode at Medium Voltage
EDF: Energy storage system for hybrid microgrids

Press Releases

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