Measurement software


Easy Config System software

The new Easy Config System software now offers a system approach for a quicker, more reliable and more flexible configuration of your power monitoring system.


It includes visualisation dashboards with real time data to detect potential wiring or configuration errors early on during commissioning. The software also allows to configure multiple devices simultaneously.


Easy Config System is compatible with DIRIS / ISOM Digiware power/insulation monitoring systems, DIRIS A & DIRIS B PMD, COUNTIS E energy meters, ATyS C55/C65 controllers and ATyS p /pM transfer switches.


Minimum configuration required:
- Windows 7 and above (64-bit processor only)
- 2 Go of RAM
- 1 Go of hard disk
- Screen resolution: 1024 x 768


ico-pdf.png Download the software user manual


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Easy Config software

This software enables quick and easy remote device configuration for DIRIS Digiware, DIRIS B, G, A, DIRIS BCMS, COUNTIS E and ATyS p.
Configuration files can be copied from and sent to these devices, or they can be created without communication and sent at later time. 

Minimum configuration required:
- Windows XP Service pack 3, VISTA or Windows 7 / 8
- 1,0 GHz, 512 MB
- 500 MB on hard disk
- Resolution screen : 1024x768
- Framework .net en version 3.5 SP1 or higher

Free download of the Microsoft site under

ico-pdf.png Download the software user manual


Download Easy Config software
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Socomec Product Upgrade Tool

The ”Socomec Product Upgrade Tool” is a software that helps you upgrade the DIRIS Digiware, DIRIS B, DIRIS G, ISOM Digiware and ISOM K products.
It enables you to easily upgrade the product’s firmware with a computer through an USB cable.
You can download the “Socomec Product Upgrade Tool” and the firmware of all devices below.

ico-pdf.png Download the software user manual


Download Socomec Product Upgrade Tool
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Select the product to download the firmware


DIRIS Digiware D-30 - Ref 48290200 - v1.9
DIRIS Digiware D-40 - Ref 48290199 - v1.6
DIRIS Digiware D-50v2 - Ref 48290204 - v2.3
DIRIS Digiware D-70v2 - Ref 48290203 - v2.3
DIRIS Digiware M-50 - Ref 48290221 - v1.0
DIRIS Digiware M-70 - Ref 48290222 - v1.0
DIRIS Digiware U-10 - Ref 48290105 - v1.7
DIRIS Digiware U-20 - Ref 48290106 - v1.5
DIRIS Digiware U-30 - Ref 48290102 - v1.9
DIRIS Digiware U-31dc - Ref 48290150 - v1.0
DIRIS Digiware U-32dc - Ref 48290151 - v1.0
DIRIS Digiware I-30 - Ref 48290110 - v1.9
DIRIS Digiware I-30dc - Ref 48290156 - v1.0
DIRIS Digiware I-31 - Ref 48290111 - v1.7
DIRIS Digiware I-33 - Ref 48290128 - v1.7
DIRIS Digiware I-35 - Ref 48290130 - v1.9
DIRIS Digiware I-35dc - Ref 48290157 - v1.0
DIRIS Digiware I-43 - Ref 48290129 - v1.4
DIRIS Digiware I-45 - Ref 48290131 - v1.7
DIRIS Digiware I-60 - Ref 48290112 - v1.4
DIRIS Digiware I-61 - Ref 48290113 - v1.4
DIRIS Digiware IO-10 - Ref 48290140 - v1.1
DIRIS Digiware IO-20 - Ref 48290145 - v1.0
DIRIS Digiware S-130 - Ref 48290160 - v1.1
DIRIS Digiware S-135 - Ref 48290161 - v1.1
DIRIS Digiware S-Datacenter - Ref 48290162 - v1.1
DIRIS G-30 / G-40 - Ref 48290300 / 48290301 - v1.8
DIRIS G-50 / G-60 - Ref 48290302 / 48290303 - v1.6
DIRIS B-10 - Ref 48290010 - v1.2
DIRIS B-30 RS - Ref 48290000 - v1.8
DIRIS B-30 RF - Ref 48290002 - v1.86
DIRIS A-40 - Ref 48250500 / 48250501 / 48250502 - v1.5
ISOM Digiware D-55 - v1.1
ISOM Digiware D-55h - v1.1
ISOM Digiware D-75 - v1.1
ISOM Digiware F-60 - v1.1
ISOM Digiware L-60 - v1.1
ISOM Digiware L-60h - v1.1
ISOM K-40 - v1.1
ISOM K-40h - v1.1



Analysis software

This software, supplied free of charge, allows, via an Ethernet or RS485 connection, to extract EN50160 event management data, sag, outage and swell, as well as the associated curves.
It also enables storage of all this information in CSV format (Excel standard) with a view to offline processing.
The software operates in a Windows XP Service pack 3, VISTA or Windows 7 environment. The minimum configuration required is a PC with a minimum 1.0 GHz processor, RAM 512 MB, at least 500 MB space available on the hard disk and a screen with minimum resolution 1024x768.
It requires installation of .net framework version 3.5 SP1 or later.
This can be downloaded free from the Microsoft site via the following link


ico-pdf.png Download the software user manual


Download Analysis software
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