Single-phase UPS desktop/tower

Single-phase UPS solutions for desktop and towers are designed to provide distributed or centralised protection against voltage fluctuations and power outages. They can thus be used to prevent shutdowns lasting several minutes that can cause significant damage to ongoing operations.

In addition to providing reliable and effective protection, these single-phase UPS solutions from 600 VA to 20 kVA also offer excellent value for money. Easy to connect, use, configure and maintain, they are available with 3 types of technology:

  • VFD "offline" (Voltage and Frequency Dependent);
  • VI "line interactive" (Voltage Independent);
  • VFI "online double conversion" (Voltage and Frequency Independent).

These single-phase UPS for desktop and towers are suitable for many uses: small offices, home offices, game consoles and workstations, ATMs and shops, offices, SMEs, server rooms, infrastructure and light industrial applications, etc.




Reliable cost-effective power protection
Three/single and three/three phase from 10 kVA to 20kVA

Compact but fully equipped, easy to use and flexible, ITYS PRO simplifies each step of the project - from the design through to installation, including all maintenance operations. This ensures business continuity and reduces the total cost of ownership for the electrical...

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