Data Centre

For when electrical power is critical – and energy matters – Socomec has the expertise to guarantee the performance of your electrical installations

By delivering the most innovative solutions for your precise requirements, we ensure the power availability and energy performance of your data centre.





No downtime costs


With increasing data centre complexity and rising demand comes an increased risk of downtime – and its associated costs. Outages are common and costly – but that they can also be anticipated and avoided. Of those who have suffered an outage, 80% believe* their biggest or most recent outage was actually “preventable”. Power issues are the single biggest cause of outage making it essential to deploy solutions that guarantee maximum power availability.


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Reducing operational cost


Rising energy costs and a premium on floor space mean that every facility is focused on efficiency and usage – and reducing operating expenditure. By implementing power metering and monitoring systems, electrical parameters and consumption can now be managed up to equipment level, identifying potential power issues, tangible cost savings and resulting in lower billing – delivering straight to the bottom line from day one.


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Optimised project design costs


Today’s critical infrastructures need to accommodate rapid deployment requirements and system upgrades – whilst maintaining maximum availability. Rightsizing through utilising both UPS and Power Monitoring modularity – means flexible scalability and you can optimise your project design costs.


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Optimised maintenance


The development of a proactive and safe preventive maintenance programme is vital to ensure the availability of today’s critical infrastructure – and to guarantee business continuity. Eliminate human error and reduce the need for reactive and urgent interventions with an optimised and connected approach to maintenance – avoiding costly downtime and reducing risk to critical loads.


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Reducing carbon footprint


Maximising asset value and optimising the Total Cost of Ownership are critical success factors for every hard-working facility. Through managing the end-of-life of your power assets you can improve system availability, operating efficiency and extend the installations lifetime.


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