Optimised Project Design Costs

Today’s critical infrastructures need to accommodate rapid deployment requirements and system upgrades – whilst maintaining maximum availability.

Rightsizing through utilising both UPS and Power Monitoring modularity – means flexible scalability and you can optimise your project design costs.


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Make it easier to upgrade measurement system to monitor energy quality and performance


As a data centre's load gradually ramps up, the electrical installation must be upgradable to accommodate the integration of new servers or the reassignment of IT bays. Measurement points must be added to track the impact of these changes on power consumption.

Creating scalable solutions

To measure the consumption of new servers, next-generation measurement solutions must be as flexible and scalable as possible.

These new solutions must take into account the type of electrical distribution, either by way of 'tap-off' boxes or circuit breakers (PDU distribution). They must also take into account the limited possibilities of adapting traditional meters to the distribution scalability, and the speed and simplicity of adding measurement points without disrupting the operation of the data centre.

For older data centres that do not have measurement points, it makes sense to use spli-core sensors for interruption-free implementation.


Track data centre ramp-ups, for any type of distribution

Example of adding a new server and a new tap-off.




Simply add measurement points

Example of quickly and easily adding measurement points to a measurement system



Socomec solution

DIRIS Digiware measurement and monitoring system

With DIRIS Digiware modular plug&play measurement system, the measuring modules are connected via an RJ45 communication bus that makes it possible to add measurement points quickly, without tools and safely. Thanks to its compact size, this system adapts perfectly to upgrades to the electrical distribution (tap-off or PDU). The wide range of solid-core or split-core sensors, equipped with an RJ12 connector, is ideal for new and existing installations.


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