Optimised Maintenance

The development of a proactive and safe preventive maintenance programme is vital to ensure the availability of today’s critical infrastructure – and to guarantee business continuity.

Eliminate human error and reduce the need for reactive and urgent interventions with an optimised and connected approach to maintenance – avoiding costly downtime and reducing risk to critical loads.


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Monitor protection status based on realtime data


Availability is key in the electrical distribution of a data centre. Power redundancy in server bays avoids power failures that can have serious consequences. In case of protective device tripping or opening, the site manager should be notified immediately. Many sites still lack the ability to monitor the status of server protection.

View protection status in realtime

The protection for the electrical installation and server racks is sized in relation to the connected loads.

Tripping due to excessive currents or manual opening are the main causes of a protection device opening, which in turn switch off power to the bay.

When a protective device trips, the system must be able to notify the site manager. Alarm mode should notify the operator remotely while helping them to quickly locate the fault.


Get as close as possible to the servers

Regardless of the type of distribution – tap-off or PDU (Power Distribution Unit) – measurement and monitoring devices located as close as possible to the server protection is recommended.


Socomec solution

VirtualMonitor technology

Our exclusive VirtualMonitor technology is a function within our measurement devices. It monitors all phases supplying server bays and detects lack of voltage. Integrated into the sensors themselves, this innovation prevents having to add equipment such as auxiliary contacts at the protective devices and their connections.

For new or existing installations, this technology monitors protection, identifies the opening type (manual, single-pole, overload or short-circuit) and triggers an alarm. The operator is informed by a local LED alarm, a remote notification and an email.


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Automatic firmware update to maintain the quality of the supply of critical loads


In a modular uninterrupted power supply (UPS), power modules must be added or replaced quickly by connecting a new module. But this procedure poses risks, in particular due to the potential incompatibility of the firmware with the new module, which could compromise the application's use.

Safely add or hot-swap the power module of an UPS

To minimise the time wasted by external call-outs, the end user must be able to add or hot-swap the power module themselves.

To avoid any risk of compromising the protected application, the firmware must be fully compatible.

Any firmware incompatibility must be detected immediately, before the new module is integrated in parallel with the other power modules feeding the charge.

To avoid any risk of errors, the firmware's incompatibility must be resolved without humans having to intervene. To do this, it should be solved through an automatic alignment and self-configuration.

Adding or hot swapping a power module must be done with the load fully protected by the UPS in use.


Socomec solution


The MODULYS GP and MODULYS XL range of modular UPS incorporate all the easy and safe firmware update features.

This includes auto-alignment and self-configuration procedures without any special tools or human intervention.

The application load is protected throughout the process. This feature is exclusive to the MODULYS range and unique in the UPS industry.


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Manage UPS maintenance thanks to modular UPS


The modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) makes any work on the system safe while maintaining critical load protection. However, some designs are way off meeting the level of safety required, so it is imperative to evaluate the processes to be carried out and to ensure that they do not affect the integrity of the critical chain at any time.

Maintaining UPS safely

As a preventive or curative measure, the maintenance of UPS is a delicate phase in the lifecycle of a data centre installation, especially because the operator has to balance speed of execution with the complexity of maintenance operations.

It is essential to ensure the continuity of supply of critical loads.

After diagnosing the problem, it should be isolated and resolved safely for the rest of the installation.

The risk of error, with sometimes dramatic consequences, is greatly increased when access to certain components is particularly tricky, or if any dismantling has to be carried out inside the UPS.


Socomec solution


Equipped with a patented connection system, MODULYS XL modular UPS allows you to extract a high-power module from the critical chain in less than 5 minutes to ensure safe and smooth maintenance.

Unique to the market, the "heat-run" test function certifies the module's physical and electrical operation before it is introduced into the critical chain that protects the application.


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Guarantee an ultimate redundancy thanks to manually and remotely operated transfer switching equipment


Maintaining 100 % of power availability for critical loads in a data centre is a top priority and various architectures such as N+1, 2N, 2(N+1) are essential to help achieve this.

Human error in certain data centres accounts for 22% of unplanned outages and one of the most critical times for any electrical installation is during maintenance.

Data centre backup during maintenance

Ultimate redundancy is mandatory to keep all IT equipment operating with the same availability and service level even during maintenance.

In order to improve reliability of busbar power feeds to IT racks equipped with in-rack battery backup support (BBU), it is possible to add a maintenance busbar fitted with tap-offs. Those tap offs in turn each feed into the IT racks through a manual or remotely operated transfer switch certified to IEC 60947-6-1, GB/T 14048.11 or UL 1008.

This ultimate redundancy allows maintenance to be carried out on the main busbar whilst ensuring that 100% redundant power is always available by simply switching to the maintenance busbar supply remotely or manually.

Simple redundancy is possible with robust manually operated transfer switching equipment (MTSE) to guarantee availability with a handle operator.

Flexibility can be increased with a remotely operated transfer provided with motorised RTSE that also include manual operation.

Safety, reliability and performance of TSE is guaranteed with certified transfer switches installed as close to the load as possible.



Socomec solution

SIRCOVER manually operated and ATyS remotely operated transfer switching equipment

Socomec provide both manually and remotely operated transfer switching solutions that are ideal for maintenance backup in data centre applications. The SIRCOVER and ATyS r range of TSE are one of the widest and most robust transfer switches available on the market with IEC / GB ratings from 125A to 3200A and UL ratings from 100 to 1200A.

All Socomec SIRCOVER and ATyS transfer switches are available as an enclosed wall mounted solution as well as a loose product for installation in the enclosure or distribution panel of your choice.


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Maintain power to critical loads thanks to a manufacturers service thanks to a manufacturer service


Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) helps to ensure the business continuity of an organization. In order to ensure optimal operation, it is necessary to anticipate possible malfunctions and to intervene as quickly as possible in order to reduce repair times.

Guarantee the continuity of service

To ensure the continuity of supply to critical loads, maintenance operations must be carried out regularly on the UPS.

Carried out by an expert, continuous monitoring of the UPS is essential to ensure its proper functioning. It also makes it possible to diagnose all types of anomalies and identify the occurence of drifts. These precautions prevent the deterioration of the UPS as well as the loss of power to the loads.


Ensure optimal operation of the UPS

It is important to have an expert manufacturer service which ensures:

  • Continuous monitoring of UPS parameters
  • Instantaneous identification of breakdowns
  • Quick interventions to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) and restore the system.


Socomec solution

SoLink service

In the event that an anomaly is detected, Link-UPS notifies the Socomec Expert Service team via an automatic alarm. They then remotely carry out an initial diagnosis. If an intervention is necessary, using the initial report, the nearest available technician atttends site with the necessary spare parts and the relevant intervention plan.

SoLink is an essential option of the the Socomec maintenance contract to reduce the MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) of the UPS and to maximize the availability of the system.


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