Optimised Maintenance

In uniquely demanding healthcare settings, securing the availability of high-quality energy is vital to support optimised and continuous care.

The development of a proactive and safe preventive maintenance programme will guarantee the performance of critical infrastructure – and guarantee ongoing patient safety.


Discover how to:


Alert, locate and identify thanks to insulation monitoring


The operator must monitor the insulation of the installation to ensure continuity of service and patient safety. In group 2 medical locations, failure to detect a first insulation fault can trip protection, shut down critical installations and endanger patients' lives.

Ensuring continuity of service

An IT earthing system is mandatory for group 2 medical locations. It must ensure continuity of service to safeguard patients. To meet these requirements, the electrical installation standard IEC 60364 details the requirements to be put in place in an IT system.

In the event of a first insulation fault, the voltage remains below the threshold of the rated contact voltage and prevents the risk of electric shocks.

According to IEC 60364-4-41, the insulation monitoring device (IMD) reports the presence of the first insulation fault with an audible and visual alarm, with the facility continuing to operate.

According to IEC 60364-5-53, the faulty circuit must be identified and brought back into compliance as soon as possible to avoid the protection tripping in the event of a second insulation fault.



Socomec solution

ISOM Digiware insulation and power monitoring system

ISOM Digiware is a 2-in-1 system for power monitoring and insulation. It incorporates an insulation monitoring device (IMD) and reliable, accurate and responsive insulation fault locators (IFL) for monitoring, alerting and locating. If preset alert thresholds are reached, the system sends an email notification to the operator indicating the circuit in question. IFL are also equipped with LED alarms to quickly identify and confirm the faulty circuit.

Its unique OhmScanner technology continuously monitors the level of insulation per load, with detailed mapping of the installation's insulation accessible from the Edge Webview server. It also distinguishes real resistive faults on load-related capacitive currents and anticipates the occurrence of real insulation faults.



Check insulation controllers periodically thanks to support agreements


In medical locations, electrical installations are in an IT earthing system. The insulation monitoring device (IMD), which is mandatory in this case, alerts the operator in the event of an insulation fault.

Because an insulation fault can interrupt the installation and put patients at risk, the IMD must be inspected on a regular basis.

Safeguard patients and equipment

In group 2 medical locations, the priorities are safety and operational continuity. To meet these requirements, and in accordance with the installation standard IEC 60364-7-710, the IMD must be able to always notify the operator in the event of a first insulation fault. If the IMD malfunctions and the operator is not alerted to the first fault, then a second fault can cause a short circuit.

As required by the installation standard IEC 60364-6, a periodic installation inspection, which includes the IMD, must be conducted by an accredited body. Each country sets the inspection interval time.


Socomec solution

Support agreements for insulation monitoring systems

Thanks to its experience as an IMD manufacturer and its knowledge of IT earthing system installations, Socomec is the right choice to verify and validate the proper function of the insulation monitoring system. Thanks to this expertise, Socomec is able to offer a support agreement covering checks on the IMD and fault locators, access to Socomec experts via a dedicated messaging service and an annual inspection with suggested improvement plans that include an expert report.

This agreement gives the necessary guarantees in terms of insulation monitoring, keeping your electrical installation in check as required by law.