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Continuous care demands the most robust and resilient critical power solutions with zero-downtime – without compromise. Operating to the most stringent international standards, the demands placed on every hard-working healthcare infrastructure are unprecedented – and interruptions to the provision of critical care are potentially catastrophic.


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Ensure source switching thanks to transfer switches


From security lighting to vital medical equipment, electrical supply to healthcare facilities must be continuous. A power failure can have serious consequences on the functioning of the hospital and endanger the lives of patients.

Guarantee switching

In medical facilities, the electrical distribution architecture must provide for an automatic switching system between the main distribution network and the safety and/or replacement sources in the event of network interruption.

IEC 60364-7-710, which describes the rules for electrical installations in medical locations, sets the time by which power must be restored. It establishes several classes depending on the type of care given to patients.

In Class 0.5, operating theatres cannot be switched-off for more than 0.5 seconds.


Socomec solution

STATYS and ATyS transfer switches

Static and electromechanical transfer switches meet the requirements for electrical architecture in hospitals.

STATYS HC static transfer systems (STS) meet Class 0 requirements.

Depending on the architecture, ATyS M automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE) meets Class 0.5 or Class 0 requirements in association with MODULYS uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). 

To ensure the electrical availability and insulation monitoring for group 2 medical locations, these devices can be integrated into MEDSYS Isolated Power Supply.


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Benefit from standards compliance thanks to Isolated Power Systems


In medical facilities, patient safety depends directly on electromedical devices. The power supply of these devices is defined by the installation standard IEC 60364-7-710 with the safety requirements according to the location and its activity.

Ensure the safety of medical locations

The safety of medical locations, as defined by the installation standard IEC 60364-7-710, and its European (HD 60364-7-710) equivalent require the following actions and requirements:

  • Prevent protection tripping on group 2 locations using in an IT earthing system by incorporating an insulation transformer in accordance with IEC 61558-2-15.
  • Be alerted to first faults with the help of an insulation monitoring device for a group 2 installation meeting the specific characteristics of the medical environment according to the standard IEC 61557-8. Associated fault locators must comply with IEC 61557-9.
  • Switch in case of loss of power using automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE according to IEC 60947-6-1, or STS according to IEC 62310). The break times defined by the installation standard must be applied to groups 0, 1 or 2.

All this equipment must be integrated into an IEC 61439-certified switchboard. An initial and periodic inspection is required.


Socomec solution

MEDSYS Isolated Power System

In line with the safety requirements of Group 2 medical locations, Socomec offers a full certified solution. In line with IEC 61439 requirements, the MEDSYS IPS incorporates the ISOM Digiware insulation monitoring device linked to fault locators, and STATYS HC static transfer systems (STS) or ATyS M automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE) in an all-in-one compact package that meets product standards. This solution is suitable for all the electrical architectures required in a hospital setting.

Socomec also offers a service covering periodic verifications on the insulation monitoring device and transfer switches.


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Back up the entire distribution right up to the critical loads thanks to transfer switching equipment


Critical healthcare facilities need to maintain a continuous availability of power all the way from main incomers to cover the complete installation right down to life-saving medical equipment.

Secure power with redundancy

Healthcare facility power distribution systems have unique requirements regulated by numerous installation standards and guides such as IEC 60364-7-710, NF C 15-211, GB 16895.24, NFPA 99, HTM 06-01 and more…

The main facility is powered from redundant utility (mains grid) substations through high rating automatic transfer switching equipment (ATSE).

A backup source to the utility power is provided by means of a generator(s) and automatic bypass TSE to power critical and essential loads.

Less sensitive critical loads and UPS feeds are secured with open transition (I–0–II) ATSE located as close to the load as possible.

Static transfer switches (STS) and UPS are included downstream for highly sensitive critical loads providing no break and seamless transfer.

Periodic testing under load & maintenance is mandatory to ensure all systems are ready to operate free of any safety risks or potential issues.


Socomec solution

ATyS and STATYS transfer switching equipment

Socomec provide the widest range of certified and compliant transfer switching equipment on the market with ratings from 40 to 6300A and contact transfer times to match all healthcare installation requirements.

Available in Manual, Remote, Automatic and Static TSE as well as universal ATS controllers for use with all types and class of TSE.


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Guarantee an ultimate redundancy for emergency gensets thanks to manually operated transfer switching equipment


Healthcare facilities rely on maintained redundant backup supplies to power critical equipment and lighting circuits that are essential for human life. Failure of a well-designed emergency system is rare but when it does not perform exactly the way it should, panic strikes as lives can be lost.

Ensure a strict maintenance and testing program

The critical nature of a healthcare facility involves numerous installation standards and guides such as IEC 60364-7-710, NF C15-211, NFPA 99 and HTM 06-01.

Each provide specific requirements that although may differ by country all cover design aspects of electrical distribution systems, backup emergency power systems and test requirements that are constantly evolving to increase power availability.

Most installation standards include mandatory requirements for maintenance and on-load testing of emergency power systems.

Performance testing is usually monthly, quarterly as well as annually whilst additional inspections and checks can be required more frequently.

When maintenance on a backup emergency generator is due, it may be necessary to disconnect the genset for a certain amount of time.

Total availability can be retained when a permanent connection means is included for easy addition of a portable or temporary genset.

This redundancy during maintenance guarantees full capacity of emergency power during the entire duration of the intervention.


Socomec solution

SIRCOVER manually operated transfer switching equipment

Socomec manufacture one of the widest ranges of MTSE on the market providing 3P and 4P switching with IEC & GB/T ratings from 125A to 3200A and UL from 100 to 1200A. SIRCOVER are fully integrated and include back to back switching, a robust mechanical interlock, isolation and padlocking in a single device. Available as an enclosed solution as well as open type transfer switch ready for installation in the distribution panel of your choice.


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