Battery care : maintaining your UPS



Ensuring the availability of backup time during battery lifetime

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Batteries are a key element of UPS systems. Their efficiency and availability are important for preventing load downtime, but at the same time batteries are the most vulnerable and failure-prone component of such systems.

Therefore, continuous battery monitoring , preventative maintenance and periodic battery replacement are essential to guarantee continuity of operations and long live battery.
Main factors reducing battery lifecycle:
• High temperatures
• Frequent number of cycles
• Discharge too deep
• Recharging with high voltage
• Lack of regular maintenance



 UPS Services : Key points


 Benefits of battery care

 • Battery check during preventive visit    • Maintains the battery back-up time 
 • Periodic preventive replacement based on manufacturer
   • Avoids risk of UPS downtime
 • Optimises battery investment
 • Battery monitoring & Battery life repair    

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