Electrical solutions for the automotive industry


Our solutions? Driving your competitiveness


When fine-tuning production processes to meet evolving consumer needs, the automotive industry needs partners that can keep pace.

Moving forward with the latest technology is vital in order to remain competitive. Maximising investment in resources – including energy – plays a crucial role in achieving pole position within an industry where so many are jostling for the lead.

Take control of your energy usage – the key to unlocking your productivity

Every minute of downtime can equate to as much as the cost of one vehicle - and restarting highly automated robotic systems can be laborious and expensive.

By optimizing energy efficiency it is possible to reduce production costs – as well as complying with ISO50001.

Have you got complete confidence in your energy supply?
Would you recognize a potential electrical fault before the point of network failure?

We have developed a range of solutions - including low voltage switching components, metering, measurement and protection systems - to guarantee power availability in critical applications, take control of energy consumption and identify energy drifts.

Our enclosed switches enable personnel to work safely whilst also protecting your assets – and will ensure that you maintain critical loads while guaranteeing continuity.


Zero accidents. Zero losses. Zero energy wastage. Always on.