Standard IEC / EN 61439

IEC / EN 61439 very precisely defines what elements are comprised in "Low voltage switchgear assemblies" as well as the procedures for ensuring specified levels of performance. The inclusion of this standard ensures that the purchaser will receive equipment that complies with the stated requirement.
What is the standard IEC/EN 61439 ?   Our integrable products

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• Customize your electrical panel and comply with the requirements of the standard


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Integrating Socomec products in full compliance with the standard IEC/EN 61439:


flexy_001_a.jpgTransfer switches

• Manual: SIRCOVER
• Automatic: ATYS
• Automatic: ATYS M (modular)

Load break switches

SIRCO M and MV (modular)

Fuse combination switches

• Tripping: FUSOMAT

Fuses disconnects

RM and RMS (modular)


Get your assemblies tested   Our compliant assembly systems

We can help you to:

• define a verification program,
• perform conformity tests,
• obtain certified conformity via independent testing bodies (ASEFA, ASTA, DEKRA, etc.).


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As an original manufacturer, Socomec offers solutions that are fully compliant with standard IEC / EN 61439:


logo-iec-en-61439.png• CADRYS DELTA modular enclosures
Local safety enclosures
Enclosed transfer switch solutions


More compliant solutions with Socomec equipment:


logo-cubic.jpgCUBIC assembly systems:
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