Harmonic equalizers


To suppress harmonics in the neutral

Power / ATRYS ratings:

15 kVA / 15 A
30 kVA / 27 A
60 kVA / 54 A
90 kVA / 82 A
200 kVA / 180 A
280 kVA / 240 A


• Suppresses the main harmonics generated by PCs, servers, printers, discharge lamps...
• Neutralises harmonics as close as possible to the polluting equipment.
• Eliminates the problems associated with harmonic 3 in the neutral overload, ageing, downgrading of installations, spurious tripping of protective devices.
• Increases the lifetime of installations
• Improves the installation's power factor
• Reduces the current consumed
• Reduces energy costs
• Meets the needs of all types of electrical networks including those supplied from gen sets fitted with power factor correction capacitors or filters.
• Easy to install and operate

The addition of a DIRIS Mh measuring device will provide operational information about current and voltage harmonics, current and voltage distorsion, current values (phase and neutral), voltage and frequency.